Sandy in Teignmouth…


…Building the River Exe


Again, the Teignmouth tourist calendar is busy this week- Teignmouth Classical Music Festival, Teignmouth Drama Festival, & Science Comes to Life Event. Check out the details at

The closest that I am coming to Devon this week is making a 3D model of the River Exe with my 10 year old daughter for her school ‘rivers’ project. We are deep in clay, beads, cellophane & cardboard. We have fallen in love with the walk from Starcross to The Turf (, so we’ve reduced the 60 mile run of the Exe to this section – more opportunity to explore the Estuary and wildlife (mental note, purchase Fimo to make miniature birds…).



While my head spins between websites trying to find information on geographical features, environmental & historical impact, ecosystems & potential hazards, I am beginning to feel like we are paying our dues to the Exe; properly understanding it’s changing water from it’s many tributaries (I can define this term properly now), & the value of the Estuary to wildlife. I can even tell you that ‘Exe’ means ‘abounding in fish’. We get a lot of joy from scooting along the cycle path (, & lobbing stones into the deep mud from the top pedestrian path. We are planning to spend a good deal of time at The Turf this summer, glass of chilled white wine in hand while the kids run about on the grass. I really want to do their ‘cook your own bbq menu’ & the kids have been begging for us to stay in the yurt!

I’m sure that walking along the river path in the future will be an altered experience for my daughter & I. We’ll appreciate the river & it’s history in a different way. I believe though that our desire to splat stones in the mud will be entirely unfettered.