Sandy in Teignmouth…


…Mud kitchens & Classical music


There is a long ‘What’s on’ list on the Love Teignmouth website this weekend (, including a Classical Music Festival, Craft & Boardgames, & a Children’s Science Event.

I feel embarrassed to say that we have missed them all. The feeling that ‘spring has finally sprung’ has taken us over. We have given in to the temptation to stay on the beach all day. Low ‘spring’ tides have produced the most irresistible, slushy mud at Fish Quay – the children have spent hours exploring – how deep they can step without sinking too far to lose a welly boot or get stuck? The low tide has also revealed a multitude of ‘treasures’- rusty old chain, screws, etc. that have been turned into a mud kitchen – smoker included!

There’s been plenty to watch as sunshine & rising temperatures have people taking to the water. We watched with tension as a group practised swimming against a strong tide out to a buoy – “will they make it, won’t they?” – apparently in training for an arctic swim. We were mesmerised watching the machinations of unloading a crabbing boat, amazed by whats involved from docking of boat to driving the loaded truck away.

What made me the happiest was being able to sit comfortably outside. I still haven’t peeled away my winter coat or wooly hat, but I sat for hours reading, or chatting with friends on the quay, while the kids got on with their ‘work’.

I may even be tempted to pack our swimming costumes on our next visit…