Sandy in Teignmouth…


…Commercial Hope

Teignmouth hasn’t been alone in watching shops closing down one by one. Towns all over the UK have suffered after the economic downturn; independent ventures not able to afford rent against their slowing profits.

It was really positive to see 5 new shops opening in Teignmouth as we visited this week. Five new shop keepers ready to ‘give it a go’ over the summer in Teignmouth.

Two are of the ‘vintage / retro’ ilk, but both very different shopping experiences. ‘Seeking Vintage’ ( 1 Waterloo Street, TQ14 8AS  ) is a treasure trove – an opportunity to root through furniture & bric-a-brac in the hope of finding a treasure at a bargain.

‘Hello Retro’ ( corner of Fore St & Clampet Lane ) is a thing of beauty. The products look like they have been sourced with serious intention, & are laid out beautifully. It is real retro eye candy, especially if, like me, you were born in or before the 70’s.

Most can be excused of hoping for a lush, French female owner like Juliet Binoche, stirring thick chocolate at the counter, when you see a chocolate shop open in your town. I’m afraid Juliet isn’t at the counter at ‘Chocolate Ocean’ ( Wellington St ), but there are a lot of chocolate wonders for shoppers to work their way through.

‘Oriental Gift Shop’ ( Wellington St ) describes themselves as selling “quality Chinese gifts & jewellery”. It’s definitely something different to peruse on the streets of Teignmouth. There’s lots of ‘pocket money’ holiday treats for children.

The ‘Shaldon Bakery in Teignmouth’ ( Northumberland Place ) is opening 17th June 2017. I’ve been told that their ‘uglibuns’ are legendary in local circles, so they’re definitely on the list of ‘things to try’ when next in Teignmouth.

Go check them out…