Sandy in Teignmouth…

…Here comes the Sun.


I’m holding great hopes for this school holidays in Teignmouth – the sun is here! Whilst I admit that I will pack wellingtons & rain coats (just in case!) I expect that we will be spending the majority of our time on the beach this week; alternating between front & Back Beach, & the water fountains in the playground.

I have to admit that I spend quite a bit of time/money acquiring the trappings for a beach holiday. I think somehow it makes me feel hopeful. If I have everything that we could possibly want/need then the sun will come. I’ve recently purchased the woven beach bag of my dreams. Just looking at it makes me want to sling in my towel, book, and bottle of water and flip-flop my way to the beach.

I have my holiday read ‘Truly, madly, guilty’ by Liane Moriarty (aka the author of this season’s big TV and book hit ‘Big, Little, Lies’; for the record I prefer the book). A copy of ‘The Simple Things’ magazine & I’m sorted.

Dare the sunshine fail me, then I do have a back-up plan. I think we’ll try out the heated pool, then bar & restaurant at the Coast View Holiday Park in Shaldon. Friends have recommended both, and a cursory google shows a lovely pool. My kids will be thrilled to have ODE&Co True Pizza after a long swim in the pool, & most importantly I get a break from cooking.

Bring on the sunshine…