Sandy in Teignmouth…


….The Dog Test

One week to go until school half term… we’re through Kent SAT’s tests, & are now moving into the week of ‘fun’ – or the week when I constantly look at people with a blank & slightly panicked expression when they ask if I’ve remembered to bring to school ‘this or that’ for a ‘fun’ activity.

A week in Teignmouth appears blurry but shiny on the horizon, motivating me to push on.

I have revealed the ‘best news ever’ to the children this morning. For 3 days before we leave for Teignmouth we are having … ‘a dog’! Well, looking after our friends’ very cute cockapoo.

We all look on enviously at dog walkers in Teignmouth; dreaming of walking a dog along the beach morning & evening, scooping up and throwing a ball with one of those long ‘scoop-throwing’ things (surely they have a name?). We’d love the excuse for exercise, the company, to drag the kids off of screens, & motivate them to walk longer distances without moaning.

So these 3 days are the test – my husband & one of my children are allergic to animal fur – apparently cockapoos aren’t so bad??? It’s also a test for me – the children are all at school, my days are my own… do I really want another little creature to come into our lives with needs, wants, and poo to be collected? Am I romanticising the walks along the beach, through Devon forests, and the moors, & do dogs get car-sick if we want to drive one to Teignmouth each month?

Time will tell…