Sandy in Teignmouth…


…’Boris Bikes’ along the Exe?

Ok, so I know that logistically a ‘Boris Bikes’ style system along the Exe wouldn’t work – would a bike be there if you wanted it, would there be enough for the whole cycling party, would there be provision for children… Essentially I’m trying to say that I’d like a really easy option for getting hold of a bike to cycle anywhere along the Exe Estuary Trail.

I have forcibly turned to riding a bike this week; one that has been in the garage for sometime, chained up in good intentions. A broken clutch on my car finally forced my hand. It was not so much the good feelings of  adrenalin that has encouraged me to continue. It’s the bad, wherein if my cycling performance is this bad now, then without a concerted effort it will never get any better. I admit to having to get off & walk up hills.

Having to transport enough bikes for us all to ride is usually my excuse for avoiding family cycling outings. Packing the car for Teignmouth seems enough effort without attaching 5 bikes to it for a long weekend. We don’t have storage space for this many bikes in Teignmouth, so we need another solution if we are ever going to become a ‘biking family’.

There are great options from Exeter, ‘Saddles & Paddles’ (, and Exeter Electric Bike Hire ( – I could really do with the electrically assisted option up some of the hills!

In my dreams there would be a bike rental shop / cafe, perhaps at Star Cross … with somewhere easy to park, someone friendly & knowledgeable to kit us out, and an impressive ‘healthy’ cake selection to award us when we return, perhaps even a local craft beer?

… so if anyone is up for it, I promise to be your best customer!