Sandy in Teignmouth…


…While the Cat’s away


I’m away for a ‘girly bank holiday weekend’, but my husband & the children are heading to Teignmouth. It is me who largely engineers the machinations of moving the children across the country & back; packing for every possible weather or activity eventuality, whilst keeping it streamlined to fit in the boot of the car.

So, yes I did back the basics for them before I left (& booked a grocery shopping delivery, & cooked a meal for when they returned – the things that mother’s do to make it seem to everyone else that life ticks on smoothly!). I am curious though to hear what form their weekend adventure takes. Will my husband cave in to pleas to go to the amusement arcade (as I do), or give in to the endless begging for ice-cream & sweets? How much ‘screen time’ will they have? Will they follow him willingly on a long walk? Will my husband remember to take our son for the haircut I booked for him – fingers crossed on this one!

With equal measures of pleasure & disappointment, I think they will have a fabulous time without me. I think they will relish throwing ‘mummy’s rules’ to the wind, & trying it daddy’s way. Yes, I think they will eat too many sweets, & yes, I think they will spend too much time on screens while my husband attempts to work, tidy, & fix whatever it is that is broken this visit (!!), but I think they will also take a fresh look at how they can spend their time in Teignmouth. Change is as good as a holiday, right?